Sunday, April 6, 2008

Greg's Grill

Ok - so my life has gotten away from me that I have eaten and experienced many Bend restaurants BUT haven't taken the time to write about them. How is that for a wanna-be food critique?! I just picked up the latest copy of gusto magazine. Yes, I read it cover to cover! And decided it's time to continue my ponderings of food experiences.

Tonight, I had a work associate in town. He insisted on having a good steak with a view. Hmm, where to go? Where to go? So, much to my chagrin, I said okay, let's go to Greg's Grill. [Tangent review - I had gone to Greg's Grill when it first opened and was very disappointed in the food and service.]

We walked into the overly large space and was provided a table with a view. So, if you are trying to swoon the girl next door - the view could do it. We watched as the sun went down, while the river meandered by...Yes, did I say this was a work associate?! But, it was somewhat romantic.

The food actually was okay. He had the prime rib special and I had the halibut. Yes, I know - it's a steak house - but I just couldn't do it. We ordered the coconut prawns as the appetizer. They smelled great and tasted yummy. We both enjoyed the Ceasar salad with the parmesan cracker just like Staccato does. I chose the halibut in teriyaki sauce - cooked just right. I was not in a mood for potatoes so enjoyed the BBQ beans. They were tasty. BTW - the specials menu had one selection that actually said with your choice of starch. Yes, STARCH. Not so appealing at susposedly a fine dining (somewhat) sort of place! Much to my amazement, my dining guest is also a creme brulee snob. He said, do you want to share? I said No in a matter of seconds! The creme brulee was good but nothing to differentiate it from creme brulee in other restaurants about town. Like Staccato's threesome creme brulee...but I would have to say that Greg Grill's portion was much more generous than other places.

No, Greg Grill's isn't the best in town, but it has a nice view, service was very good, wine was flavorful and I enjoyed myself. Let me tell you, I am just as surprised as you may be!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Okay, who else is upset about the latest downtown restaurant departure? Where are we going to go for fabulous desserts now? The last time I was there, they had changed their menu to a German influence. Not what I was expecting, but very fun! I also liked the change of the family style picnic benches in the back patio. My extremely hot date (name withheld for privacy purposes) - was so excited about "the boot" - remininscing of a classic beer movie...Beerfest. Unfortunately, his dreams of re-enacting Beerfest scenes will now have to go unrealized...


This is a brand new addition to Bend. It was opened by Jody Denton of Merenda's fame. (and for those of you who have been to Lulu's in SF). A few days after it's splashy opening, which surprisingly I was NOT invited to attend, I had dinner there. I can say I was very impressed walking in...hold it - did I just walk through a travel chamber to a hot, cool (yes, it can be hot and cool at the same time), big city...Am I still in Bend?! After a few seconds of getting my bearings, we were seated at the Sushi Bar. We were welcomed by an authentic Japanese sushi chef...again I had a flashback -- am I in Bend?! Next, our very hip, young waiter dresssed entirely in black with "deep" written across his taunt chest (I can't seem to remember any waitresses...) - asked us for our drink order. We were intrigued by the sparkling sake. It was called something to the effect of "who who shoe". I loved it! I'd also recommend the dragons. The red, green and yellow dragon sushi rolls were awesome! Jody, himself, asked me how I liked the food. Boy, did I feel special! We ordered other food but honestly this took place back in May, so my memory of it is waning. But, I can say this extremely particular palette was not disappointed. If you are looking for a cool, hip atmosphere (interior design is mod); and great sushi - then this is the place for you! Definitely don't forget to sip on the "who who shoe"!!!


Hello. I like to think of myself as a foodie. I'm the one if you ask for advice on a restaurant - my response will contain many of the following questions...casual or frou-frou? want to eat outside? burger and beer mood? fun atmosphere? place to be seen? drive or walk? ethnic? just a glass of wine? etc. Yeah, good food is important but so is the ambiance, the service, the silverware...just about anything that creates your unique experience.

Within this blog - I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on my various restaurant / bar experiences. I hope that you enjoy them!